500 Days of Summer

Dear Fighter,

Some days are good and some days are bad.

Have you ever seen 500 Days of Summer?

Because one day, you’re Joseph Levitt Gordon when he finally gets with Summer:


Life is full of color. You feel on top of the world – able to conquer anything that’s sent your way. Heck, you feel so great that you decide to stop procrastinating and actually deep clean your room (like you’ve been telling yourself you’d do for the past month).

But life isn’t always like that, is it?

Because on some days, you’re Joseph Levitt Gordon when he gets dumped by Summer:


Life loses the color. Yes, the grass is still green and the sky is still blue, but there’s no beauty in it to you. Heck – you feel so terrible that if you were offered free tickets to your favorite band, you’d say no because you’d rather stay in bed.

Originally, this was going to be a post for people like me – people who struggle with depression and anxiety, but then I realized – doesn’t everyone struggle with days where life loses color?

It’s easy to lose perspective when you’re in a low. That’s why you have to fight to keep perspective. You have to fight to remember that you’re not alone when life loses color. Sure, someone walking down the street right next to you may be so obviously having their “on top of the world song and choreographed movie montage” day, but they’re also going to have their “life is terrible I’d rather stay in bed” day.

Life is full of colorful days and beige days. When you’re in a beige day, don’t forget that a colorful one is just around the corner and, in the wise words of Finding Nemo’s Dory….



Keep on,


4 thoughts on “500 Days of Summer

  1. noahspud says:

    You’re right, of course. Everyone gets sad and stressed. The ones with Anxiety and Depression can’t stop these feelings without serious effort and assistance, but that just makes them especially qualified to give this advice. So thank you.
    This post is the sort of thing that fills me with hope, not only for my own version of headspace struggles but for everyone else – and judging by the Internet, there are a lot of people with these struggles. When someone like you says “there will be good days again,” I know beyond doubt that it’s true, that there is hope. Because everyone gets sad and stressed, and most of us are still here. We’ve made it this far. Have at ye, tomorrow.

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