Influencer Interviews

Dear Friends,

I’ve been lucky enough to have done TWO interviews in the past few months! Both of them have been about me and my journey to becoming a fashion/style/travel blogger. I definitely have not hit all my goals yet, but I’m excited to be taking steps in the right direction.

If you’re interested, bored, curious, or are only on this blog because you still can’t find anything good on Netflix, feel free to check-out the interviews by clicking on the hyperlinks attached to the company name.

To see some pictures from my favorite shoots, click here. Scroll to the bottom if you’d like to contact me!

FAME HITZ – Published 05/30/18

Screenshot 2018-05-31 at 3.36.09 PM.png


MODEL CITIZEN MAGAZINE – Published 04/16/18



Thanks for your interest in these interviews. I appreciate any and all support ❤ If you would like to reach out to me about shoots or interviews, feel free to fill out the box below to get ahold of me.

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