Dear Friends,

Today, I want to share a life changing experience I had while doing Christian missions work in India. I rarely shared on social media while there, but this story was something I felt needed to be told. It’s a sobering story and one that will stick with me forever.




Today we finished up ministry in India and holy moly it’s been a crazy 5 weeks here. Yes, we’ve gotten to see cool things and take neat pictures, but what you don’t see on social media are the long sleepless nights we have, rough living conditions, and the constant traveling due to security measures. However, moments like this make it all worth it.

This is a picture of my friend Lakshima.


When we walked into her house, she was lying on this cot underneath a fan because she was covered in deep open and infected burns. She told us that she had been controlled by a witch doctor. The witch doctor convinced her to burn herself. Lakshima was in severe pain when we saw her and could barely speak, but after we shared the gospel with her she told us that she wanted Jesus to save her. Some of the neighbor women went and cut all the cords around her neck and wrists that she had gotten from the temple. Her and her husband were both crying while this happened.

We came back a few days later to check on her and her family. She was still in horrible pain, but as I started rubbing her head and talking to her, she smiled at me for the first time. Lakshima told us that all she wanted was to get better so she could walk with Jesus like we walk with Jesus. We were able to love up on her that day and just spend time with our friend.

A few days after that, we found out we had to leave the city we were staying in for 2 weeks. When we got back a few days ago, we were told that Lakshima had died. She was 19 years old and left behind 2 babies and a husband.

I don’t know why bad things happen to good people. I don’t understand why she had to pass and leave behind so many loved ones. Even though I only spent time with her for a few days, she had become my friend. I felt the loss so deeply as I talked with her family and held a picture of her that recorded the date of her birth and death.

What I do know is that I got the privilege to love up on someone that deserved all the love in the world. I got to tell her about what I believe happens when you die and about how I serve a God that loves us so much. I got to see her accept Jesus into her heart and saw the hope and peace in her eyes. I don’t know why she died, but I do know that I’m going to see my friend someday again.

Thanks for listening to my story. It’s one that I’ll never forget.