Remember Who You Are

Dear Hopeless,

You are not without hope.

Remember Who You Are:

You are not the dark

For the night is always followed by the morning. 

You are not drowning

For you are learning how to swim.

You are not losing

For you are merely in the middle of winning a battle. 

You are not unloveable

For people and forces unseen are fighting for you. 

You are not defined by this

For you know who you are.

Remember Who You Are.



p.s. The image for this post is a blue morpho butterfly. I’m not sure why, but this particular butterfly has always symbolized hope and peace to me. Maybe it’s because a butterfly struggles through change before becoming what it is meant to be…or maybe it’s just because my favorite color is blue… Either way, the blue morpho butterfly has always been an inspiration for me. Beauty can be found all around even in the darkest of times – you just need to look for it.

2 thoughts on “Remember Who You Are

  1. iwannabealady says:

    This is lovely, and something we all need reminders of. It’s so easy to get caught up in our heads filled worth negative talk, but we can chose how much energy and attention we give it. The blue morpho is gorgeous. 💜


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