Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned

Dear Lifelong Learners,

People say you do a lot of changing and learning in your 20’s. I’m 2 and 1/2 years into my 20’s and here’s what I’ve learned so far….


Mistake: Trying to be someone who you’re not. 

Lesson: That’s really stupid – be you. 

My dad’s always told me that people are fickle – they’ll love you one minute and the next minute they’ll be rooting against you. Obviously, there are exceptions to the rule, but I’ve found that there’s a lot of truth in what he said. When I realized that, I decided to just be me….it’s freeing.



Mistake: Avoiding confrontation.

Lesson: Be confrontational. 

This past year, I’ve learned the benefits of being confrontational and expressing how you feel. Instead of just distancing myself from someone when I’m mad, I’ve found that telling them how I feel and working through the problem made us better friends. I’ve also learned that standing up for myself and a decision I’ve made makes me a better employee. However, the other part of this is saying you’re sorry when you’ve screwed up. Never be too proud to apologize. 



Mistake: Not trusting a gut feeling. 

Lesson: 9/10 times that gut feeling is right. 

Instead of looking for what I want to see, I look at what is actually there. The past several years, I ignored that gut feeling. On the other side of those few years, I’ve found out that I was actually right about it all. Had I just trusted my instincts, it would’ve saved me from a lot of pain.


Your fellow lifelong learner,


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