Mental Health: Looking into the Future

Dear Friends,

I’ve been going through a depression funk. It’s got me thinking a lot about how people, who are older than me, handle it for the rest of their lives. I’ve been discouraged because the only older people you ever hear about with depression are the ones that are in the news for committing suicide.

Are you someone who’s older that’s struggled with depression all of your life? Or do you have an older relative who’s struggled with it all their life?

Would love to hear some encouraging news about people who have a bright and happy future filled with love and grandkids even though they’ve struggled with depression all of their life.

Thanks all,


10 thoughts on “Mental Health: Looking into the Future

  1. Jo Price says:

    Hello lovebug. While I would love to give you crap for making me respond as a person designated in the “older people” category, I can’t help but laugh because compared to you I so fit that description! Lol. I can’t tell you how much I get what you are saying. It seems insane to imagine putting up with those kinds of feelings for decades, right? But it truly does get better. I PROMISE YOU THAT IT DOES! And there are things that you would never have imagined could be so incredible. I barely made it out of college with my life but I can’t thank the universe enough for getting me through it. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that I never have bad days. I do. Big crappy ones sometimes. But I know now with absolute certainly that it passes if I give it time. Always. I started another blog dedicated to my writing about mental health. I need to reblog a specific post that makes me think of you. I’ll tag you in the reblog. ❤️ I’m here if you ever need to talk honey. Just don’t let it defeat you. You just can’t buy into the lies that depression tells your mind. When the clouds clear and the sun comes back out, you’ll see the good that makes this life worthwhile. Big hugs to you. Jo

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    • Danielle Marie says:

      Thanks so much for the encouragement!! So sorry for making you feel that way :O !! Did not mean it to come across like that… but it does mean so so much to hear from someone that’s farther along than I am that’s completely and totally made it. ❤


      • Jo Price says:

        I promise you that I was just teasing you. I’m not 20 anymore and frankly I’m good with that. It gets better as time goes on but life will always have its ups and downs. There is a purpose to what you are going through but you can’t see it just yet. I know that sounds strange, but I sincerely believe that. I’m here if you ever need to talk honey. Big hugs. Jo

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  2. howikilledbetty says:

    Well I’m one for sure! I’ve had it for years but am now in a happy place, indeed a very happy place. Sometimes I have the occasional blip but that’s to be expected and usually due to a ‘trigger’. I think that now I understand this disease quite well and because I’m an old bird (49!) I now most importantly understand myself pretty well. We don’t hear about the good stories too often unless there’s a celebrity and a book coincides! Katie


  3. Ayahuasca says:

    Hi, I believe your life can change dramatically with the right treatment, you don’t have to live your whole life in depression. I got better after my depression was properly linked to brain inflammation and I was treated with intravenous steroids. I also changed my diet and started consuming a lot of homemade probiotic foods. I have written about this in my blog. There have been definitely positive changes in my brain recently – desire to play violin again, finding men attractive, desire to do projects – I made an incubator myself.

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