Fashion Trends & Timeless Items

Dear Current Fashion Hunters,

I don’t follow current fashion trends a TON. I will read up on them occasionally at the beginning of each season, but don’t really continue reading except during pinterest exploration.

As much fun as it is to stay up on the trends, it’s hard for me to justify spending money on something that’s in now, but won’t be cool to wear in a year.. We’ve probably all had that experience… cave and buy something that’s “super in” now and then about year and a half later, add it to the goodwill donation pile because you couldn’t imagine wearing that thing now!

My thought process when looking for trends is to get a few items that are current, but get more items that are timeless. That way, you can pair the timeless items with whatever the trend of the season is without going broke!

To find these different items, I looked in my own wardrobe, my mom’s wardrobe, read some articles, and then went through famous model photoshoots starting from the 1940s!

Here’s what I found:

  1. Little Black Dress

You will never regret buying a little black dress. This baby has stood the test of time. Check-out some pictures I found during my research 🤓

2.  Fit Jeans

So, I’m not talking skinny jeans…or bell bottoms. These are the jeans that fit you well, but aren’t incredibly tight (because who knows how long the skinny jean phase will last). With these, you can easily turn them into capris by folding them or you can just rock them the way they are.


3.  Black Turtle Neck 

Alright, the black turtle neck is not something that you typically see in articles about “Timeless Pieces”, but I kept seeing it a TON when looking at old photoshoots


4. Tailored White Button Up Shirt

The tailored..white..button-up shirt. Never goes out of style. Make sure that you get one that fits you WELL before investing in this timeless piece. Here’s a picture of Meghan Markle and Twiggy in the white button-up. Enough said.


5. Loafers 

For these, I recommend getting either a black or white loafer..loafer type slides are also super in right now. However, the classic loafer has yet to die.


6. Classic High Heels

For high-heels, I’ve noticed that small to medium sized heels are what don’t go out of style. Also, it’s typically the black high heels that don’t go out of style, but I think neutral and red are fine too.


There are a few more items, but these are the ones I wanted to post about now. Hope you find it helpful! As usual, if you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to leave me a comment below!

Classically Yours,


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