When You Can’t Find a Cure

Dear Friends,

It’s been a little bit since I’ve written on here. I’ve been busy going to various doctors and getting multiple tests done. I think I mentioned it before in one of my blogs, but I’ve struggled with various health issues for a while now. Because of that, one of my biggest passions is to help other people going through similar struggles. For this post, I want to write about my journey over the past few years and some of the tests and things I’ve learned about my health since then. Hopefully, it may be able to help even one person looking for answers.

I’m going to be pretty real with you all here and these aren’t things I like to share with people… I’ve only confided in my close friends and my family about what I’ve struggled with so please bear with me here.


It all started when I was a little kid. My friends and I would play hide and go seek and I would get so “stressed” that I’d come out of hiding after about 3 minutes. I thought that was pretty normal. Then, as I got older, I started having more and more of these super “stressed out” moments. Fast forward to college and it all got so much worse.

I constantly thought that I was just “stressed”. I thought what I felt was completely normal and that I was just being dramatic about the entire thing. However, after a very traumatic episode with someone close in my life, I ended up having a total mental breakdown. I was on the couch for two weeks straight. I couldn’t move, couldn’t eat unless forced, and just watched tv without speaking to anyone. My dad had to fly red-eye from across the country to be with me while I went through all of this.

After those couple of weeks, I went to see a psychiatrist who diagnosed me as bipolar with generalized anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Fun cocktail, right? I was put on meds right away and started seeing a counselor.

If you’ve gone through hard or traumatic events, I’ve found that a counselor is incredibly helpful. You have to find the right one, but once you do, they’ll help reveal the deep dark layers you’ve buried and give you tips and tricks to overcome the crap. Not everyone needs a counselor, but like I said, if you’ve had some serious issues happen in your life that leads up to a not super fun doctor’s appointment, I recommend going to one.

After being on those meds for about a year, I still wasn’t doing much better. It helped a little bit, but not enough to justify all the pills I was taking. So, I made the decision to see a new psych after that year.

And this is where things got better and the answers started to come……

The Big Discoveries

The first thing my doctor did was order a full panel of blood tests to look at basically everything going on in my body that you could possibly find. I’m talking about 14 tubes worth of blood. It wasn’t fun, but it was completely worth it.

Big Discovery #1: My doctor found that I wasn’t methylating (you can read more if you click on the link) properly. Basically, my body wasn’t able to process any of the medicine or supplements I was taking. They weren’t crossing the blood/brain barrier.

Big Discovery #2: We also found that I wasn’t getting any oxygen to my body. I have small red blood cells and that combined with my body not properly methylating anything was causing my body to barely get any oxygen.

Big Discovery #3: Because I wasn’t getting any oxygen, my entire body was inflamed. If you’ve done any research into depression, there have been scans and research that show inflammation in the brain causes depression.

So, after all of this blood work, we found that my hormones were completely out of whack. I had been misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and instead had a lack of multiple necessary functions missing.

The Cure

After finding all of that out, I was put on some new meds, but more importantly, I was given a massive list of supplements to take. Without the blood test and supplements, my body would not have been able to heal.

The point of this entire post isn’t for me to have a pity party or to give you a long diary entry about my life… I want anyone who reads this to get this major point:

Sometimes medicine masks the real issues going on in your body. By getting a full panel of bloodwork done, your doctor can find out what the main issues are in your body. Maybe it’s just depression you’re struggling with and you’ve been able to find healing just with medicine (lucky duck πŸ˜‰ ) However, if you’ve been having issues with this for years, I strongly suggest going this route. I’m a firm believer in a combination of both medicines, but also natural remedies (like supplements).

I still struggle with depression and anxiety. It’s significantly better now, but it’s still a fight for me at times. I recently got some more bloodwork done and most of my levels are 100% better since last year when I first started with my new doctor. I’ve got more tests to go to figure out some other issues, but I’m finally on the right path.

If you have had issues with long-term depression with no answers, please feel free to talk to me. You can email me by filling out the form below.

I’ve been there. It’s a living hell. Medicine may not always be enough. I hope that this post helps give some hope or direction to any of you struggling with this crap!

All the love and hope,


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