Dear Friends,

Volunteering when is so important. I was fortunate enough to have parents that took me to do different kinds of volunteer work when I was a kid. No matter how old or young you are, you should try volunteering at a place that you find interesting. You’ll find that volunteering gives you more than you can ever give to the people you’re helping.

If you’re still not convinced that volunteering is awesome, here’s a list of reasons: 

1. You help people who can’t help themselves 

It’s easy to see someone who is asking for money as someone who’s just “too lazy to work”. I’ve learned though that this isn’t always the case. For example, the majority of the homeless population is comprised of people with mental illness – especially veterans who have served our country. They don’t trust anyone because of this and are leary to ask for assistance. When you volunteer, you learn in-lighting information like this, but also get to show hurting individuals that there are people who can be trusted.

2. You realize that there’s a world out there besides the bubble you live in 

3. Your view on people changes

Being able to help people who look “rough” on the outside often shows you to not judge people by their appearance. People look on the outside to assess whether or not someone has a good heart. However, that’s a terrible way to figure out who someone is… When volunteering, you get to see the heart that’s behind the looks. Often, you find out that there are some amazing people with heart-breaking stories who have a heart of gold. This is one of the biggest things I learned while helping at various places!

4. It looks good on your resume! 

When applying to colleges (or even jobs), you have something on your application to show that you have experienced other things besides just your “bubble”. This is an important characteristic to carry through life and colleges love to see that you’re ahead of the game in this area.

5. It might help you find your passion

By volunteering at a variety of organizations, you find out what kind of work you like to do. At one place, you may be doing administrative work. At another, you may be doing hands-on interactive work with the people who are hurting at your location. Volunteering at these different places helped me figure out what kind of work I want to do and an idea (still not entirely sure…) of what I want to do when I get older.

I also found out that I love traveling. I’ve been able to do volunteer work abroad and it showed me that I’ve got a serious love for seeing different places and experiencing new things.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. Thanks for reading this far! I’ve listed some ideas for volunteer work below if you don’t know where to get started. Also, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to comment or send me a message!

All the love,


Ideas for Volunteer Work

  1. Soup Kitchen
  2. Habitat for Humanity
  3. Lead an after-school program
  4. Humane Center
  5. Lead a bible study
  6. Suicide Prevention Center
  7.  Help with mailing at an organization of your choice

Note: With tasks like this, you’ll need to find a community center (or non-profit) that is looking for any kind of volunteers. They’re often looking for people to clean, make calls to find other volunteers, or help organize different events.

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